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About Anahit Mantra

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About our mission

Welcome to Anahit Mantra

At ANAHIT MANTRA you can find the service that best fits your need. We help you find your own voice in the healing journey wherein you empower yourself to use your mind, body, and soul as one creative and powerful being.


Along with carefully crafted and energized healing essential oils, here at Anahit Mantra we guide each client on their own personal healing journey.

Founder’s Thoughts

As far back as I can remember, I have always known that my calling was to heal and help people reach their potential in life.

As an educational psychologist working with children and teens I began to subtly hone the gift I was given at birth. The gift of shamanic healing. This gift was further developed and enhanced under the training and guidance of Shaman Jon Rasmussen, teacher and graduate of the Healing the Light Body School through The Four Winds. 

We have also studied and been certificated and initiated into the healing arts of Reiki and Life Coaching.  We are certified in Hypnotherapy and Wellness Coaching as well.

-Anahit Cassels

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